Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moving Diaries- The final instalment

This is a short update to end my Moving Diaries. We have been in our new house for nearly three weeks and we love it and so does the dog.
The neighbours are friendly and I know we will be happy here. The house itself is easy to keep clean being a good bit smaller than I was used to. The garden has slabs and chipped stones and will never need cut or watered only weed killer sprayed on it just in case.

It's not been easy cutting down on all we have accumulated over the years and the charity shops and a few friends have benefited. 
I found there were some things that I could not part with and thank heavens for loft space,what would we do without it?

The outfits I brought my babies home from hospital in, my gran's old clock which doesn't work, boxes and boxes of photographs taken well before digital cameras were invented, the list goes on. Maybe one day I'll be able to let them go but not yet. I do feel good that the junk has gone,the clothes I kept, hoping for the day they would fit me again, the clothes I kept for fat days which are so baggy I looked twice my size. 

What upset me the most and only someone who loves books will understand this was parting with my books. I had a bookshelves which covered one wall of a room and it was filled. I now have one shelve in a cupboard which is packed with my keepers which are ones I haven't read,signed books and books I love so much I will re-read them one day. I also have two bags of the books I have read in the past few months waiting to go to friends and yes,they're in the loft.
 Thank goodness for kindle I have over 300 books on it, more than I'll ever read. Collecting books is most definitely an addiction but a nice one.

Just across the road is a nice place to walk the dog. I unfortunately can't take Sam out on my own because he dislikes dogs he doesn't know and he's too strong for me. So hubby's job is walking him. Sam has no manners and has never learned how to say hello to another dog without doing it aggressively but once he has met a dog he's fine. 

 Another update I have to give is my about my  rose cutting. I'm so pleased at the result.

If you haven't read the story of the rose you can find it here

And this is its journey from cutting to flower. 
I've had it in the garden but it's been so wet that the pot filled with water. I now have a much larger pot to plant it in. 

 While looking through old photos and cards I kept I found a new home card from when we moved to our last house twenty years ago ( yes I keep stuff that long) it was from my favourite uncle who lived in Ireland who's now passed away. He wrote a little poem on it which is just as apt today as it did twenty years ago so I sat it in pride of place beside other new home cards I received this time. It still brings tears to my eyes when I read it.

 Life has returned to normal now but  I'm sure in a new place they'll always be surprises around the corner. 


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Moving Diaries - So Long....Farewell

Tomorrow we pick up the keys for our new house. I didn't expect it to take nine months for us to find one but it did and we've been grateful to my son for letting us live in his flat during this time.
Although I haven't settled here I thought I would share with you my favourite place here that I will be sad to leave behind.

 The area around this pond is beautifully kept. It's just such a pity that we've never had a really nice day where we could enjoy sitting at the many picnic benches dotted around.  Lots of different species of ducks live in the pond and I was lucky enough to see a male a female duck waddle past with six little ducklings wadding behind them. Dinosaur boy was with me that day and it was such a magical moment for us both. I also had to go to the local shop and buy drinks and snacks for a quick picnic with him as he just can't pass a picnic bench without eating and drinking. It wasn't the warmest picnic I've ever had.

Wouldn't these garden seats be lovely to have on your own garden? They are so tactile and you just can't help rubbing your hands over them. I would love to have seen the process of them being carved. Such a lot of work has went into them.

There are two swans here and you can see their nest on a small island. Their nest is made with thick hard branches which look so uncomfortable,they must have plenty of fat to cushion them.

I have also had success with the cutting of my rose bush I took from my old house. It has went from this...

To this.....

 In the last few days a tiny rosebud has grown. I feel like a new mum waiting for it to bloom. The original rosebush was 18 yrs old and I'm pleased that even if the new owners of my old house don't keep it a part of it will keep growing in my new garden.

My next post will be from our new abode. Where I'll be blogging from a garden chair in the living room as we have been let down by the sofa company who promised our new sofas would be delivered on Monday,took our money and then said, "Sorry they're not coming until July." 
Oh well,worse things can happen than not being able to curl up on a nice comfy sofa.

My Turkey Diaries will be continuing this year as we will be returning to our second home of Turkey and Kayakoy in particular. I am looking forward to feeling the heat of the sun on my bones.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Moving Diaries- Adventures in Selling and Buying a House.

I hope you have all noticed that I have added the word buying to the title at the top. Yes my friends we have finally bought our house and I hope with all my heart it is our forever house as I could not go through it all again anytime soon. So how did we get to this stage? Not without some stress and tears.

I love watching Phil and Kirsty on Location,Location. They have good advice and great ideas and although I don't agree with everything they say I do agree with the three "C" Compromise,Compromise and Compromise and this is what this house search has been about.

Hubby and I compromised with each other, each giving and taking on each others likes and dislikes. We are downsizing which is difficult and has meant having to declutter and declutter again and probably again before we move. It is one thing to talk about downsizing and what you can live comfortably without but it's another to be faced with the reality of it. I know in the end having a smaller house and (grass free) garden will mean that on the few sunny days we have we can enjoy sitting on our decking and have a rest instead of spending hours cutting grass and weeding. We were never good gardeners. I will have lots of pots filled with colourful flowers and enjoy them.

To meet your prince you have to kiss a lot of frogs and to buy a house you will love you have to view the ugly ones first. 
There was one house we didn't agree on, hubby loved it and I ...well let's just say I didn't love it.
The house was eighty years old and I think that was the last time it saw a lick of paint. There was untidiness everywhere you looked and although the owner would be taking his mess with him I just knew the house would not be left in a clean state, call it woman's intuition. 
The garden was large and quite secluded but in just as bad repair as the house. Remember when I said we're not good gardeners? 
Hubby could see it's potential, I could see work scrubbing, painting, gardening, spending money and hiring skips. We have been there and done that and are too old for a project like that. The owner also was asking far too much. I managed to persuade hubby it just wasn't for us.

There was disappointment when I would spot a lovely house which had just gone online only to be told an offer had been made on it. This happened many times and since I was checking the website at least every half hour I have no idea how someone else got there first. I would probably say inside information but who knows?

When we put our house up for sale I painted all the paintwork. All the jobs that needed done in the house and garden were done. We viewed houses where there was no bulb in the garage or outside light so we couldn't see the garden in the dark. I wanted a house being sold by someone who had taken as much care as I had, and we found it.

I'll be reprimanded here if I don't say that my daughter found the house. At first I wasn't too keen. It wasn't in the estate we had found and liked, it was smaller than I wanted,there was no garage. We decided to view it anyway. Kirsty and Phil are right! It only takes 11 secs to decide whether a house is the one you want to live in or not. 

That was over six weeks ago and in another two we will have our keys to our new house. We don't have to paint or paper, and nothing needs done we just have to place our furniture and enjoy it. 
Last week we went to the house to measure for sofas and I loved it even more. It is a five minute drive to my daughter's house and I expect to see a lot more of her. If she's reading this she be putting the for sale sign on hers! 

I'm so glad we're nearly there as I feel I've been in limbo for the nine moths I've been living in my temporary apartment. I will miss the hills around me here, the duckpond and the cattle in the nearby field but that is all.
I 'm looking forward to meeting new people and doing something different as I move to yet another part of the city. I never want to buy or sell a house ever again.

Still Crafting.
I'm still enjoying sewing. I would love to join a sewing club where I could get advice on how to progress as I'm kind of stuck on cushions and quilting.

A quilted cover for my sewing machine

Two cushion made from shirts. The buttons take the place of a zip.
Large floor cushions for spare room for children
Another swan.

Yes I know, I have too much time on my hands. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Where Nobody Knows Your Name.

I'm sure we've all had it happen to us at sometime. You need to pop out to the local shop or supermarket for milk so you put your bare feet into your Uggh boots, throw a jacket on and perhaps a hat to hide your hair that hasn't been washed for a few days. No need to bother with painting your face, just popping out for milk.
On entering the shop you either bump into someone you haven't seen for a while who happens to be done up with make up, hair done or you spend your time body swerving people so they don't think you look like this everyday. Am I the only one this happens to?

I had lived and worked in the same area for thirty six years,all my married life. Even a trip to the GP when I was feeling at my worst I felt I had to look halfway decent as I used to work there and a visit could mean seeing old work colleges or even the GPs I worked for. 
I can imagine the conversation,"Oh she's really let herself go since leaving work." when actually I have the flu or a chest infection and feel like crap.
I have now moved to the other side of the city and will be moving again when we find a house. No one knows me here, it's the opposite of the TV programme, "Cheers" where everybody knows your name.
I can pop out to the co-op for milk and bread in my joggys with no make up, hair not washed and know 100% I'm not going to meet anyone who knows me. 
I can visit my new local GP and dress how I feel without the fear of bumping into anyone I know.
The people who live here are quite friendly, they smile and say hello as you pass by. This is the kind of place where you are born, grow up, marry and buy a house in the same street. Most of the people here have lived here their whole lives and know when anyone new moves into the area.
What's strange is I was actually born in the local hospital here. In the fifties and sixties and possibly before that it was the maternity hospital for the east end of Glasgow even although it's nowhere near the east end. where my parents lived. It makes for a good conversation starter with the locals.
We all know that with sod's law I'll go down to the shops tomorrow and walk slap bang into someone I know!
I don't always go out unmanicured. When I go shopping in the nearest town I always look well groomed. I just don't make an effort popping out for milk.
When I move things might be different as I hope to be living there for a long time. After all I don't want to be known as the local bag lady.
Getting dressed up to borrow sugar.
I'm still sewing and I hope I'm improving. Here are my latest ones.
Practise square for quilting

A swan. I'm going to make another and sew some parts by hand.

Phone cover.

I love this stripey patchwork cushion. I gave the other side stripes too.

 And finally, look how my rose cutting is thriving

 That's all folks!


Friday, 30 January 2015

A Little Bit Crafty.

As I no longer have my toddlers during the week I have became restless and slightly very bored with my day. I just wasn't into blogging very much and reading made me tired, I needed something different to occupy my brain.
I love doing crafts with the toddlers so I thought of picking up my knitting again as I knew my bag was full of half finished projects. I couldn't find it anywhere. I pulled out all my packing boxes but no knitting anywhere. I have a feeling that hubby has put it along with the stuff that's gone into storage. 
A while ago I had bought a felt name kit to hand sew and I enjoyed making it so I thought I could do it by myself. I bought felt and buttons and accessories  and got started.
This was my first one, a Christmas banner.

Next, banners for the toddlers.

  After that I ran out of children's names.
I have had a hankering for a sewing machine for years and had been thinking of taking a machine sewing course, after all it's been 43 yrs since I last used one. 
Unfortunately when I decided to book a course it was full, I was so disappointed.
What did I do next? I bought a sewing machine and with the help of my old friend Google and his brother YouTube I taught myself how to use a machine again.

The brain is such a wonderful piece of machinery that as soon as I had the sewing machine in front of me all that my sewing teacher at school taught me came flooding back, I could even hear her voice in my head.
Material is expensive but Hobbycraft had an online sale and were selling what they call Fat Quarters half price. These are quarter metre pieces of fabric  in packs of six colour co ordinated pieces, great for practising . 
Here is what I have managed so far.
Front and back of the patchwork cushion.

My attempt at a bag with different coloured lining. 

A heart shaped cushion that kind of 
lost it's heart shape when I was sewing it as it's hard to sew in a curve. I found out it's a great cushion for your back.

 My latest project is this cushion for dinosaur boy. I'm waiting for the stuffing to be delivered.

 I have had to buy a rotary cutter and a mat and it has made such a difference to cutting. I'm not great at cutting straight lines but hopefully I will improve. 
I really want to make a patchwork quilt but I'm going to start with table mats. Maybe by the time we have a new house I will be able to fill it with items I have made. 

Many many years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby I bought a latch hook rug making kit. It was for his nursery and looked so cute on the box. That rug drove me mad and I nearly thew it out of the window but my mum came to my rescue and took the kit home and completed it.
A few weeks ago I bought a cushion sized one ( only £5 in the sales) . I used You Tube again and it took me about twenty tries to get the hang of it and now I'm really enjoying finishing it. 

Nearly finished now! 

I felt encouraged to try these new crafts by Kate from
Kate started sewing last year and if you visit her blog you can see her progress. She also told me to write this post so if I've bored you blame her. (sorry Kate)

Another blogging friend I'm in awe of who does every kind of craft under the sun is JoJo at tahoma beadworks Her house must be like living in a treasure trove. She also is great at photography.

If the format of this post seems different it's because I'm trying out an app on my iPad as it's more convenient than using the computer. 
I hope my sewing will progress and I'm still keeping an eye out for any classes I can join to get expert help. I'll keep you posted on my efforts.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Saving the Rose.

Happy New Year to everyone. This is the first year I haven't written a Christmas or New Year post on my blog, life took over and my blogging fairy went on strike. I'm hoping she's flew back again so here goes.

 I told you I didn't have green fingers.

I have written twice about my rose bush in the garden and combined them here  I said that  dad was  sending a rose to me in late summer for fifteen years then when my granddaughter was born two roses bloomed and another one after my second granddaughter.
This year it bloomed with only one rose. We were preparing to move house and as the roots of the bush had grown under the fence it was impossible to dig up without killing the whole plant. I decided the reason only one rose bloomed was because my dad was telling me that it was okay to let go and move on, he wasn't sending any more roses.
I became unsatisfied with leaving the rose bush so I asked my friend Google, " How do I take cuttings from a rose bush?" 
The reply told me about rooting powder, removing every leaf and only leaving one at the top. I then saw a tip on a gardening forum informing on the use of honey instead of rooting powder. I'm up for saving a few pennies and as I had honey in the cupboard I gave it a go and took three cuttings.
A few months later this was my result.

One has grown leaves and the other two are fading away. I was so pleased I had at least one cutting that had flourished, but a few weeks later.

These are in the same position as the last photo. The one with the leaves started dying and a few days later I noticed the one on the right sprouting new leaves.  I'm so glad I decided to keep all three and keep watering them.  Life is strange, just as you're about to give up on something it surprises you and the one you counted on lets you down.  I imagine this is applies to people too. There are some with whom it wouldn't matter how much nurturing you give them they will let you down anyway. There are also some people for whom you think all
hope is lost but if you hang in there and keep hoping they just might surprise you.

 I will let you know how my plants are growing,who knows I might end up with three. If anyone with greener fingers than mine would like to pass on any tips for nurturing them they will be gratefully received. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Moving Diaries : Disappointments and Solictitors.

I'm sorry I have been away from my blog for so long and  for leaving you on a cliffhanger on my last post. I will tell you why in this post.

My last post ended with us having put all our furniture into storage the week end before our sale on the Friday. We thought we were being smart as we had not bought anything yet but were moving into a flat my son has. The day after we had moved out and four days before the house sale was due to go through we were back at the house cleaning it when  our buyers appeared at our door. It wasn't a social call it was to tell us the the sale of their house had fallen through and they couldn't proceed with the purchase of our house.

Great disappointment all round and both houses had to go back on the market.
Over the next eleven weeks we were given a moving date by the solicitor of the same buyers four times and each time it fell through.
I think one of the things which annoyed me the most and caused the most stress was a lack of communication from our solicitor. A few days before the completion of the sale our case was passed on to the fourth solictitor in the company. We will not be using them when we buy our house.
I won't bore you with any more details except to say that just a few days ago the sale was finally completed eleven weeks after the original date. The new people have moved in and we can finally start looking for a new house although it's not a good time of the year to buy so we will be waiting until after the new year.

What have I been up to during those weeks where I haven't blogged ?
We had just moved into the flat when I slipped on the stairs and broke my rib which bruised my lung and made me vulnerable to picking up a chest infection. If you ever watch those movies where the guy has broken ribs and gets up and fights again it's all lies. If you have a broken rib any movement is difficult and I certainly couldn't throw a punch. It took three weeks to be pain free.

 I have an underlying chest condition which makes it very easy for me to pick up any old bugs that are flying around. You sneeze and I end up with a chest infection.
This turned out to be one of the worst infections I have had. I had a weeks stay in hospital when my body objected to every antibiotic they gave me. I eventually had to just suffer the side effects and take them.
 I was also on steroids which if anyone has had them before will know that they keep you awake at night, make you hungry and give you chipmunk cheeks.

After the infection cleared I was left with what I can only describe as complete exhaustion. I could do nothing. Walking any distance was difficult as I was experiencing severe breathlessness.
I picked up slightly but I think it was by sheer willpower as the date for my daughter's wedding was coming up and I needed to be well for that.
I did make the wedding and felt good on the day but that's for another post.

I returned to the hospital a few days after the wedding for more tests. The doctors couldn't understand why I felt so awful. I even resorted to saying,"Well maybe I'm just getting old"
They did lots of tests, thyroid, blood, I even had a lung catscan. Eventually what showed up was my blood count had dropped quite dramatically over the space of a few months, I was anaemic.
I was so relieved that at last I knew what was wrong with me and course of iron tablets would set me straight. It has been three weeks now since starting the course and I feel more like my old self again.

I'm telling you all about this because sometimes something as simple as lack of iron can have such a big effect on your life. I couldn't concentrate on anything, I forgot things, I had a lack of interest in what was going on around me. I even found it hard to wash a cup or make coffee.
I though I was suffering from stress or even a type of depression. If anyone is ever feeling like I did think of lack of iron first and go to the doctor for a blood test. It's very easily diagnosed but what a difference it makes when you are.

I'm ending on a happy note I am well, the house is sold, I'm back on my blog and we can now look forward to Christmas knowing that in the New Year we can house hunt.
 Oh no! That means I will have to deal with solicitors again and I'll be the nosey viewer this time around.
Watch this space...